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RealMusik now has two shows on Shoreditch Radio. Live In London goes out on Friday at 11am and covers live gigs and new releases by mostly unsigned artists over the following seven days. The RealMusik Radio Show is 2 hours and will cover new releases, gigs, birthdays, obituaries and legends remembered, so check out each week’s playlist directly below Live In London. Broadcast is scheduled for Wednesday at 2pm, but any changes will be notified by newsletter.

So tune in to:

Live in London
the definitive gig guide to the capital’s hottest venues and breaking artists.
You will be able to listen live on line at 11am every Friday and the show will give you advance exposure to the fine acts that will be gracing the live music venues of London over the next seven days. It will also be available to download from


Shoreditch Radio is now an official sponsor of Discovery 2. Go to the Discovery 2 page on this website for the playlist and Artists & Promotions for a full description of the lineup for each show. The playlist is also listed below after RealMusik.

Live in London
Gigs in London from Friday to Tuesday, with more covered as gig overflow on RealMusik on Wednesday 7 March 2018
Playlist 2 March 2018 at 11am

Rickie Lee Jones-Chuck E’s in Love
Thee Oh Sees-The Axis
Emma Ballantine-Love for Rent
Bon Iver-For Emma
Paul Weller-English Rose
Nadia Sheikh-Flip the Coin
Calva Louise-I’m Gonna Do Well
Arcaves-Out of the Blue
Annie Lennox-Walking on Broken Glass
Sam Gleaves-Angel in the Ashes
Jade Bird-Wedding Bells
The Editors-Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

The RealMusik Radio Show on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 2pm

Lots of new releases, lots of gig overflow, and two legends remembered

The Low Countries-Putty
The Blackheart Orchestra-Born to Live
Pretty Pistol-Show Girl
Smiley & the Underclass-Jump the Barrier
Steve Dagleish-Angel to Ancient
Morrisey-Late Night, Maudlin Street
First Aid Kit-Emmylou
Bukka White-Fixin’ to Die Blues
Joe Tavano-Home
Red Ray & the Reprobates-Cupid Bow
Phillip Rambow-Love is the Answer
Rivita-Tribal Love
Katie Laffan-Aversion
Indira May-Strange
Inklings-Single Life
Go Primitive-A Different Person
Johnny Ray-Just Walking in the Rain
The Jet Reds-Unpredictable
Miriam Cooke-Freefalling
Grace Solero-Riptide
Stereophonics-The Bartender & the Thief
Kristoffer Bollander-Cities

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