RealMusik-The Development, Promotion & Management Company

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At RealMusik we specialize in guiding, developing and managing emerging music artists in their early stages. When starting out in the music business, it is essential to have a source of knowledge and experience on which to draw when considering promotion and development of your musical work.
RealMusik works closely with an ever increasing number of professionals involved in radio promotion, press and media exposure, and live shows and touring. These are areas that all emerging artists and bands must address, and making the wrong decisions in these areas can cost you dearly, both in money and time.
This is where RealMusik can help. We will act as your guide to the business professionals that are right for you and have the right contacts to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of influential exposure for your music. We also work with live venues, gig promoters and tour managers to get you into live performances that will, again, give your music the exposure that it needs to build that all important fan base.
You are probably wondering how much all this costs. The answer, very little. A 100.00 pounds sign up fee is the only cost you will incur from RealMusik. All fees paid for any services received from our professional colleagues will cover RealMusik’s costs and, should we fail to find you the services you need, there will be no further cost to you. Consequently, talking to us will cost you next to nothing. However, it could cost you time and money if you don’t.